Social Instant Print Booth

Instant print photos from your cellphone at weddings and special eventsSocial Instant Print Booth

Instantly Print Photos from your event on the spot using Instagram, Twitter, or Text Messaging (no app required)

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How does it work?  Simple!

  •  Your guest uses their cell phone to snap a picture at the event.  Any device, even uncle Bob’s  flip phone!
  • Next either text the image to our special event phone number, or use your customized Event Hash Tag # with Instagram or Twitter
  • Head to the print station and pickup your photos off our Photo Wall!  Two copies are printed on the spot at the event.

Social Booth Polaroid style Photos

What makes this special?

  • Drives guests to post TONS of photos from your event
  • Guests receive a printed copy of their photo and there is an extra copy for the album.
  • All it takes is one person and everyone wants to try.
  • Live slide show of photos as they are uploaded